Mr Shawn See

I have been driving my new love, the Kia Cerato K3 Sports for a month and have absolutely no regrets in what was the biggest purchase of my life. The unique features of the Cerato K3 Sports are indeed in a class of its own and the physical beauty of the car is a sight to behold. I've really enjoyed the cool comfort of the much appreciated ventilated seat especially when driving in our often scorching heat; all while soaking in the beautiful sunshine through the sunroof. All in all, it’s an amazing and simply fabulous ride.

During the process of buying my car, Keith shone through as an amazing sales consultant; being sincere, honest and helpful - never failing to answer any of my questions or solve my problems. I am indeed grateful for his dedicated and great service, and am sincerely glad that I took the leap of faith to purchase my Cerato K3 Sports!