The Kia EV9

Here to reshape the way we move.

The dynamic shape of change.

An upright windshield and large windows brighten the EV9 interior. The striking rear lights and side cladding tastefully blend into a smooth, muscular body, from the shoulders to the front wheel flares. The side character lines trail off upward, hinting at a world forever changed in the EV9’s wake.

The face of next generation SUV possibilities.

The EV9 accommodates up to six people and their belongings in spacious SUV comfort. Despite its high and wide shoulders, EV aerodynamics are hard at work to reduce wind resistance. While the EV9 may be more upright than most EVs, but when it comes to physics, it's generations ahead of most SUVs.

Comfort and style, inspired by nature and augmented by technology.

Colors and textures throughout the EV9 interior are inspired by nature, incorporating Kia’s 10 must-have sustainable items wherever practical. Technology is integrated sensibly and tastefully, with subtle touches like mood lighting and reclining relaxation seats at the first and second rows for a calming ambience.

Stay connected with the road and world around you.

The panoramic instrument display organizes driver information into a wide, clear horizontal band. The intuitively laid out touchscreen allows you to quickly navigate between data, settings, or entertainment choices. Climate controls double as entertainment controls, and the vehicle’s forward and reverse controls are at your fingertips just behind the steering wheel.

Countless ways to unwind.

An expansive dual sunroof allows light and fresh air into the roomy interior. A variety of seating options help you customise the space for up to six passengers, a choice between two distinctive features: swiveling second row seats that can turn to directly face third row occupants, or the alternative option of first and second row relaxation seats that recline at the push of a button.

Being too careful is a good thing.

Driver assistance isn't just about what happens out on the road and in traffic. ADAS features are continuously looking out for you, helping you navigate in and out of tight spaces with grace and confidence.

Mastering the power equation.

Push a button to start. Recapture power as you brake. Maintain control of your range. Plug in devices away from home. The EV9 gives you reassuring control over the EV experience, offering more comfort for people on the go.

Back on the road before you know it.

The Kia EV9 multi-charging system seamlessly operates with both 400V and 800V chargers, without the need for an additional adapter. So you can charge at more places, and continue your journey with peace of mind.

Warranty & Maintenance

All Kia cars are under our warranty coverage.



Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2) 

RSPA 2 lets you park in or exit a parking spot while you stand outside the vehicle. Using sensor technology, it searches for parking spaces and automatically assists with steering, accelerating, decelerating, and shifting. It will also automatically brake if it senses an obstacle. The improved system now features parking line recognition and enhanced remote operation, while also allowing diagonal parking.

Swivel Seats or Relaxation Seats for the second row

Choose from center row seats that can be rotated 180° for more intimate interaction with third row seat occupants or comfortable relaxation seats featuring power leg rests that help relieve occupant fatigue.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2 (FCA 2)

FCA 2 monitors your surroundings and warns you if it detects a risk of collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist ahead. If the risk persists, FCA 2 automatically assists with emergency braking. FCA also assists with emergency braking if it senses a risk of collision with oncoming vehicles while turning left at an intersection, or with vehicles approaching from left or right. During changing lanes, automatic avoidance steering assistance is activated if there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle in the next lane, a cyclist or pedestrian in the intended path, or an approaching rear-side vehicle.

Starting from
  • 22.3 kWh/100kmEnergy Consumption
  • 380 bhpMax power
  • Lithium Ion Polymer BatteryEnergy Type
  • A1VES Banding
Available in these colours.
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