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Kia Connect - a new dimension of connectivity.

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A new dimension of connectivity

The power to control your Kia at the touch of a button. Introducing the one-stop Kia Connect service that lets you connect with your vehicle seamlessly. Remote Vehicle Control, Diagnostics and Vehicle Health Checks, Trip Data, Maintenance Updates, and so much more. Fully integrated with your Kia as well as smartphone, this service will take your driving and ownership experience to another level.


Get in the driver’s seat with remote control, diagnostic data and driving statistics.


Experience seamless and advanced control of your vehicle, right at your fingertips.


Enjoy complete peace of mind on the road with automatic notifications sent to your quick contacts in time of accidents and emergencies.

Remote Control

Control your car through your smartphone. Lock or unlock, start or stop the car engine and even adjust the air-conditioning to a desired temperature before you enter the car. You may also schedule your remote engine start at a specific time of your choice.

Vehicle Status & Diagnostics

Get real time vehicle status on your battery, fuel status and more. Initiate a vehicle health check to detect any vehicle faults and get notified if there is any via the smart message function.

Vehicle Maintenance

Never miss another car service and conveniently book an appointment through your smartphone via the myC&C app to manage your vehicle maintenance.

Emergency Assist

Have your pre-registered contacts be automatically notified during emergencies like when the airbags in your Kia is deployed.

Driving Statistics & History

Analyse your driving pattern and view your trip reports which includes the time, distance and route that you travelled.

Real-time Updates & Support

Kia Total Care will help anticipate issues with your car and provide appropriate advice from experts when needed. You will also be updated on your vehicle’s status as a preventive measure.

*Features may differ based on eligible model and variant.

Choose your connectivity package.

Kia Connect is available to you via different subscription packages. Subscribers will be able to access the connected car service through the myC&C App. Once you opt for it, a Kia Connect module with active SIM will be installed in your vehicle to establish connectivity.

  1. Renewal can be done even if original plan has expired.
  2. All packages are non-refundable but transferable to the next vehicle owner of the same car.
  3. Subscription packages must be paid in full for the entire plan period before commencement of the service.
  4. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Getting started

Download myC&C App on app store to experience Kia Connect.

Cellular coverage is required for Kia Connect to function.

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