Mr Howe Yuin Teo

I have been driving the Kia Cerato K3 for more than a month now. Wonderful ride on the expressway - quiet, the engine purrs gently and cruise control, wow, it is such a wonderful driving experience! Gear shift is smooth with the option to override with the paddle shifters. This is necessary especially when the road suddenly changes to an incline, it sometimes switches to too low a gear and the engine revs at about 2700 -2800 rpm. You can choose between three drive modes, Eco, Normal and Sports. I switch to Sports when I want to have the power acceleration feeling at low speeds!

The K3 SX is a significant upgrade from my previous car, Cerato K3 SX. I love the Electric Memory Seats which comes with aircon ventilation. On a hot day, it almost feels luxurious! The seat moving back upon switching off the engine and opening the door is wonderful and makes it so easy to get out. Rear aircon and multizone aircon is wonderful too especially when driving in hot weather; passengers at the back now have a comfortable cool ride as well.

Parking is a breeze with both front and back parking assist sensors and reverse camera with guiding lines.

When you go to the car, it welcomes you with lights on the side mirrors and door handle. A hassle-free keyless engine start means that you can keep the keys in your pocket or bag throughout your journey.

The smart trunk system is perfect. I no longer have to fumble for the keys in my pocket when I am holding many things after grocery shopping.

A little known feature - the glove compartment can be cooled to the aircon temperature to store drinks etc!

Oh yes, one last thing: Have you been stuck on a steep slope in a jam? When you let go of the brakes to step on the accelerator, the car rolls back momentarily? The Hill Stop Assist takes care of that. You don't even need to keep your foot on the brakes now! Wow!

What I like:
  • Packed full of features, like a continental car
  • Quiet cabin generally, sound proofing much better than previous generation.
  • Good drive with smooth gear changes; cruise control is beautiful!
  • Very attractive exterior - the SX has 17-inche sports rims and a small spoiler and chrome exhaust tip. On top of it, I love the headlights design and the LED Daytime Running
  • Lights. Grilles definitely look better than the pre-facelift version too. Planet Blue is a very nice and special colour with a different flavour when under light and when not and presents a further different feel when under bright sunlight.
  • The sales executive Gary Quek was very helpful and knowledgeable.
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