Body and Paint Services


An Exceptional Journey for You and Your Vehicle

Let our highly experienced technicians take the wheel at the Body & Paint Centre at Pandan Gardens. Equipped with extensive training, they are able to maintain stringent quality standards set by manufacturers so that your vehicle can be restored to its immaculate pre-accident condition.

To ensure the best results, we use the latest technology and replicate factory-build method with fixtures to repair structural damage on unibody vehicles. Dimensions of vehicles are all geometrically input together with the NAJA measuring system based on manufacturer’s blueprints.


Quality and Safety

We use genuine parts and perform quality control to maintain manufacturer-specified safety benefits.


Genuine Materials

We use high-strength steel, aluminium and composite materials that resist corrosion.



Investment Protection

We ensure no compromises, with excellent craftsmanship, performance and precision.



We specialise in the following jobs:

  • Panel beating/welding
  • Body alignment using the latest technology
  • Repair/re-spray body paintwork using environmentally friendly paint booth

In addition to the above, we also offer other services to maintain your car inside and out and make it look brand new again:

  • Car grooming including Express (wash & wax), Standard (machine polish) and Luxury (machine polish and leather treatment)
  • Total car exterior re-spray
  • Spot re-spray
  • Rim repair/re-spray
  • Paintless dent removal


Total Car Exterior Respray Package

This package* uses premium quality paint and includes:

  • Paint scratches, minor dings and dimple dents repair
  • Leather seats conditioning and interior vacuum
  • Detailing of trimmings and dashboard
  • Antibacterial Cabin Refresh Package
  • 3-year paint warranty
Car Size Car Models No Colour Change Colour Change

Cl , C3, C3 Aircross, C4 Cactus

$2,038 $2,946

C4, C4 Coupe, C5

$2,513 $3,404

e-C4 X, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso, C5 Aircross, C6

$3,001 $3,842


Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)


Leave your vehicle's paintwork untouched with this cosmetic service to repair dents. Done by applying pressure to restore the metal close to its original condition, you can go without any repainting. Consult our Service Advisor at the Body & Paint Centre for more information.


This service is available from $67.


Light Repair & Paintwork


This package* uses premium quality paint and includes:

  • Minor scratch repair
  • Enjoy 10% discount on paint package price for 2nd panel and above
  • Lead time is 2 working days
  • 1-year paint warranty


Car Size Car Models

Front / Rear Bumper,

Front / Rear Fender,

Door, Bonnet,

Trunk Lid

(per panel)






(coin size)


ClC3C3 AircrossC4 Cactus

$291 $353 $45

C4, C4 Coupe, C5

$343 $413

e-C4 X, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso, C5 AircrossC6

$378 $465


Care Service Plan members enjoy 15% off the usual price. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.   


  • Prices include prevailing GST.
  • Paint warranty covers defective materials or workmanship, including colour fading, blistering, cracking, paint lifting and orange peel.
  • Paint warranty does not cover spotting by acidic rain or damage by foreign object, scratches, dents, stone chips, penetrating stain by bird dropping, tree saps and chemical dropouts.
  • Cycle & Carriage shall not be liable for any claim for refund, loss of usage, consequential loss, damages or any other inconvenience.
  • Liability is limited to repairing the defect free of charge.

* Terms apply

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