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Paintwork Protection


Product Information

Preserve your car’s original glossy shine with our protection package.


Why is it essential?

Your car is subjected to harsh environmental conditions while out on the road. This means that over time, it will lose the lustre of its original coat and colour. Our high-tech sealant is an easy way to provide a strong, durable protective coating to your paintwork, ensuring that your car’s exterior stays in peak condition. 



  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting hydrophobic coating to the paintwork
  • Enhanced original colour brilliance
  • Protection against harsh environmental conditions like acid rains and UV rays
  • Prevention of oxidisation from pollutants
  • Enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance



Total Paint & Wheel Protection


Opt for the latest SiO2 (Silicon Oxide) paint protection for your car. The Total Paint & Wheel Protection is applied to the full car exterior. It forms a long-lasting nano-polymerisation coating to preserve your paintwork.



Price: from $453

Duration: 1 day


Prices include 9% GST and are subject to change without prior notice.