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Maintenance Essentials


Fuel System Cleaner

Our fuel system cleaner clears out the carbon and gum deposits clogging up your fuel injections, ports intake valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers.


- Restoration of lost engine power and acceleration

- Prevention of engine knocking, which can lead to cylinder damage and overheating 

- Clean fuel system 

- Improved fuel economy


Price: $35


Get the performance of your engine back to tip-top condition. Include the fuel system cleaner during your service visit.

Engine Flush

Our engine flush breaks up and removes all the accumulated sludge and varnish in your engine interior.



  • - Restoration of engine performance
  • - Reduction of disturbing engine noise
  • - Improved acceleration response
  • - Minimised vibration when idle or stopped


Price: $35


Restore your engine performance. Add-on the engine flush additive during your service visit.

Engine Oil Treatment

Our engine oil treatment minimises friction between various moving parts of your engine, reducing significant wear and tear. 



  • - Improved acceleration response
  • - Lower fuel consumption
  • - Reduced disturbing engine noise
  • - Protection against excess wear and tear in engine interior
  • - Resistance against oxidative deterioration


Price: $35


Maximise your engine performance with the engine oil treatment during your service visit.

Engine Treatment Package (3-in-1)

Enjoy greater savings when you purchase the Engine Treatment Package that includes fuel system cleaner, engine flush and engine oil treatment. Add-on the Engine Treatment Package now to your regular servicing! Simply inform our Service Advisor during your service visit.


Package price: $90 (U.P. $105)



Prices exclude 9% GST and are subject to change without prior notice.