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Product Information

Ensure your car stays in optimal condition with regular inspections and parts replacement. Regular engine servicing is essential to prolonging its longevity and preventing safety issues down the line.


We offer servicing plan and package to suit your needs. The engine oil servicing package include

  • Up to 4L Shell Helix Ultra X5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil with PurePlus Technology
  • Change of oil filter
  • 33-point vehicle check


Duration:  approximately 2 hours 


Speak to our Service Advisors during your visit at our service centres for more information.

Engine Oil Service Package


  • Engine Oil (Shell Helix Ultra X5W-30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil with PurePlus Technology)
  • Engine oil filter
  • Drain plug washer


Checks & Top Up/Adjustment

  • Transmission (condition/fluid level)
  • Brake fluid (condition/fluid level)
  • Coolant reservoir (condition/fluid level)
  • Power steering (condition/fluid level)*
  • Tyre condition & pressure
  • Vehicle battery & electrolyte level
  • Cooling system & hoses
  • Drive belt
  • Operation of horn
  • All vehicle lightings
*If applicable, tyre rotation and balancing is recommended at every 5,000km. This service is chargeable as a separate order.
  • All engine & transmission mountings condition
  • Windshield washer & wiper operation (front/rear)
  • Fuel tank, hoses & pipelines for leak
  • Front & rear brake pads/shoes thickness
  • Electronic system
  • Reset maintenance indicator*
  • Exhaust system
  • Drive axle boots & CV joints
  • Check for any oil/fluid leak
  • Hybrid system*