Aftersales Value Deals

Up to 15% off Aftersales Value Deals

Deal 1: Blind Spot Detection System

Now: $600 

UP: $660


  • Smart Detection

Alerts you of oncoming vehicles

  • Wide Radius Detection

Detects moving vehicles within a range of 3 - 15 metres

  • Driver Alert

Activates LED warning indicator when vehicles are approaching

  • Active When Stationary

Alerts you when pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles are approaching

  • Comes with 1-year warranty



Deal 2: Puri.Care Disinfection + Aircon Lite + Luxury Grooming Bundle

Compact size Now $272.85 (UP $321)
Medium size Now $289.85 (UP $341)
Large size Now $357.85 (UP $421)

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Puri.Care Disinfection 

  • Protect against COVID-19
  • Eliminates bacteria, fungi & viruses using professional ultrasonic nebuliser
  • Disinfection kills germs & microorganisms
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe for you & your loved ones
  • Learn more here

Aircon Lite

  • Cleaning of evaporator coil
  • Optimise cooling efficiency
  • Learn more here

Luxury Grooming

  • Wash & wax
  • Machine polishing to remove scratches & dirt stains
  • Leather conditioning on leather seats, trimming and dashboard
  • Learn more here


Valid till 31 May 2022 or while stocks last.