Why Republic Auto

As with all successful journeys, we start with a clear understanding of our ultimate objective: to provide customers with superior vehicles, methodically inspected and restored, and delivered in excellent condition.

Carefully Selected Vehicles

We base our selection on a strict set of criteria to ensure that all vehicles meet Republic Auto's exacting Certified Pre-Owned Quality standards.

Comprehensive Car Inspections

All pre-owned vehicles must pass Cycle & Carriage Singapore and Republic Auto's inspection checklist, and must not have been involved in major accidents.

Top Pre-Owned Quality

In-depth interior and exterior refurbishment ensure that the car you purchase is like new.

Exclusively for Mercedes-Benz

Each Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles goes through an extensive 33-point check by Cycle & Carriage Singapore, and comes with an extended 1-year pre-owned warranty*, mileage certification and three complimentary servicing sessions at Mercedes-Benz authorised service centres. 

*Terms & conditions apply. 

Journey of a Certified Pre-Owned Car

1. Based on Strict Criteria

We base our selection on a stringent set of criteria including the age of vehicle, mileage, servicing and maintenance history, and the drive of vehicle.

2. Extensive Checks

Every vehicle goes through an extensive inspection to scrutinise essential components. Any necessary repairs or replacement of parts will be performed at this stage.

3. Test Drives

Our technical specialists take the vehicle for a test-drive to ensure its road-worthiness in terms of traction, steering and braking. This is to ensure that the vehicle will provide its future owner with a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

4. Repaired and Restored

After the vehicle is confirmed to be in excellent working condition, any dents or nicks are removed, rims are repaired, and paintwork is beautifully restored by our In-house Body & Paint Centre. Finally, the vehicle is polished to a lustrous shine.

5. In-Depth Check & Cleaning

The specialists at our Vehicle Grooming Centre ensure that the pre-owned vehicle you purchase from Republic Auto is in mint condition. Leather seats, steering wheel, dashboard, instrumental cluster, buttons and knobs are restored - virtually no part of the vehicle is left untouched. 

6. Final Quality Check

In the last stage of this journey, the vehicle is given a final quality check, ensuring that it is in accordance with Republic Auto’s Certified Pre-Owned Quality standards before it is driven into the showroom. No effort is spared to provide our customers with the finest in quality and service.