At Cycle & Carriage, we take pride in the competence of our aftersales staff, who are well-trained and always kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the automotive industry. You can entrust your ORA to us as the latest recommended ORA Diagnostic System from the Manufacturer, genuine parts and right specifications of consumables are used, so as to keep your vehicle running at its optimal condition.

  • Aftersales Services

    From the exterior to the interior, your vehicle will be well taken care of.

    Our list of Aftersales Services:
    • Service and maintenance

    • Replacement of battery

    • Tyre services

    • Repair and replacement of suspension, brakes & steering components

    • Air con, electrical and audio system repair

    • Accident repair and motor vehicle insurance claim

    • Full and partial respray, grooming & polishing and Total Paint & Wheel Protection

    • Restoration/renewal of trims & upholstery

  • Express Services

    Available at all ORA Authorised Service Centres with guaranteed turnaround time, or receive 30% off your express services bill*! 

    60-minute guaranteed Express Services available:

    • Service A interval at 15,000 km / 12 months (whichever comes first)
    • Brake Pads change (front or rear) only
    • Pre-LTA inspection (brake efficiency test, side slip, undercarriage and lighting checks) only
    • Pre-Holiday Inspection only
    • Battery change only
    • Transmission fluid change only


    Terms & Conditions

    • Appointment is strictly required. Book your Express Services here

    • Guarantee applies to each Express Service only. Re-appointment is needed for additional jobs

    • Punctuality is required

    • Complimentary exterior car wash and carpet vacuuming are EXCLUDED from all ORA Express Services. Request for your complimentary car wash and carpet vacuum at the point of reception and our staff will advise you on the estimated additional time required

  • Genuine Parts
    Non-genuine parts may seem more affordable at first glance, but can incur higher costs in the long run. Here are a few factors that go into consideration when choosing between genuine and non-genuine parts.

    When using genuine parts, you can be assured that they are of higher quality than others in the market as they have passed rigorous quality standard tests, including testing the parts on the actual vehicle itself. Many non-genuine parts will often be of lower quality due to the inferior materials used.

    Exact Fit
    Genuine parts will fit your vehicle as they are engineered to exacting standards as your vehicle – using the same blueprints, dies, tools and moulds used in the vehicle’s manufacturing process. Non-genuine parts may not fit properly as they serve a range of car models, which may cause problems to your vehicle later on. At Cycle & Carriage, we use only genuine parts from our Principal Marqués for your vehicles.

    Reliable and Durable
    Be absolutely assured of the reliability and durability of ORA Genuine Parts. This is because genuine parts have been tested to ensure durability and performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Non-genuine parts may cause premature wear or even higher repair cost in the long run.

    One Part Affects Another
    In many cases, every single individual part has been designed to work with another to produce a single output. If you replace a genuine part with one of lesser quality, it could affect the performance of the vehicle considerably and jeopardise your safety on the road.

    Guarantees and Warranties
    All ORA genuine parts replacement and repairs sold by Cycle & Carriage come with 1-year or 20,000 km warranty, whichever comes first. Genuine parts always come with warranty, unlike non-genuine parts.
  • Parts Replacement Intervals

    For optimal performance of your vehicle, parts replacement is recommended as an important aspect in proper car maintenance.

    Air Con Filter

    • Filter away dust, pollutants bacteria and other harmful elements from external air for a cleaner cabin air
    • Ensure cleaner and fresher cabin air by reducing odour, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide
    • Clogged air filter will negatively impact the health and comfort for you and your passengers
    • Replace every 15,000 km or once a year to prolong the lifespan of the cooling coil


    • A physical reserve of energy used to power the vehicle during ignition and provide energy for the on-board systems
    • Battery has to comply with manufacturer's specifications
    • Check every servicing and replace when necessary

    Brake Pads and Discs

    • Enable vehicle to slow down or stop when hydraulic brakes are applied
    • Worn brake pads may cause loss of braking power and is dangerous to you and your passengers
    • Visual check is usually sufficient or both brake pads and brake discs
    • To check on the rear drum brakes, removal of wheels is essential
  • Dedicated Service & Specialist Care
    EV-certified Technicians
    Cycle & Carriage ensures that our technicians go through proper and continuous training, combined with certifications following our principal guidelines. Our technicians recommend only the best solutions for your vehicle. 

    Recommended Diagnostic Tools
    ORA Diagnostic System performs a full-service comprehensive check according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper documentations and software updates are also provided for each vehicle. At Cycle & Carriage, we offer the most up-to-date diagnostic tools or systems for your peace of mind.
  • Night Drop-off and Collection Service

    Our night drop-off service allows you to send your cars in for servicing and maintenance after normal service hours, even at midnight! All you have to do is drive to any of our Authorised Service Centres, fill up the Express Check-In/Night Deposit Pre Job Order Form and hand it to the security post with the car key. No hassle at all.

  • Drive-In Tyre Shop

    Cycle & Carriage offers 5-year tyre warranty* and 1-year Tyre Protector Program from date of tyre purchase.

    Service is hassle-free as no appointment is needed. Enjoy free nitrogen gas conversion, lifetime nitrogen refill and tyre patching with purchase of 4 tyres, as well as a wide range of tyres to suit any kind of budget and needs.

    Services available:
    • Replacement of new tyres

    • Nitrogen gas conversion/refill

    • Tyre patching

    • Tyre rotation

    • Tyre safety check & service

    • Tyre valve replacement

    • Wheel balancing

    Operating Hours:

    Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5.30pm

    Sat: 8.30am - 12.30pm

    Sun & PH: Closed


    Click here to view the terms and conditions.

  • Service Centre Amenities

    Comfortable Lounge
    Our Service Centres are designed to provide you with a cosy and relaxing experience.


    Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, snacks & refreshments, and TV at our air conditioned lounge during your wait.


  • Body & Paint Centre

    The Cycle & Carriage Body & Paint Centre is a full-fledged workshop that specialises in body and paintwork repairs. It is the appointed authorised workshop for many of our top motor insurers.

    Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your repairs are hassle-free, from collision to completion. Our skilled technicians use a precise combination of their extensive training and experience with the latest technology to repair and restore your vehicle to its immaculate pre-accident condition. They are also trained to ensure that the works are carried out in accordance to the stringent quality standards set by the manufacturers.

    We specialise in the following jobs:
    • Panel beating/welding

    • Body alignment using the latest technology

    • Repair/re-spray body paintwork using environmentally friendly paint booth

    In addition to the above, we also offer other services to maintain your car inside and out and make it look brand new again:
    • Car Grooming including Standard (machine polish) and Luxury (machine polish and leather treatment)

    • Total Paint & Wheel Protection

    • Total Car Exterior Respray

    • Spot Re-spray

    • Rim Repair & Re-spray

    • Paintless Dent Removal

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