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Over 12 million GWM vehicles have already been sold in global market so far and have sold more than 1 million vehicles annually for seven consecutive years. GWM focuses on the field of new energy vehicles, is committed to bringing high-quality new energy vehicles to the market, redefining the driving pleasure brought by future mobility.

HAVAL is GWM's Intelligent SUV brand, a global professional SUV brand. Up to now, the global accumulative sales volume has exceeded 7 million, has been the top SUV sales in China, the products have been exported to more than 60 countries overseas, and in more than 30 countries export ranking Chinese brand first.
ORA, the EV Brand of GWM officially launched its first model on August 20, 2018. ORA brand is positioned as the new generation of electric vehicles and covers different models based on an exclusive new energy platform.
TANK is a global high-end off-road vehicle brand launched by GWM for the new trend of SUVs and an important achievement of GWM's category innovation, dedicated to becoming the No. 1 global off-road vehicle brand.
GWM originated from Great Wall Pickup, which transitioned into a separate brand in 2018. Its primary objective is to spearhead the Chinese Pickup market and foster a distinctive pickup culture. Presently, GWM Pickup has established itself as one of the leading three global pickup brands. Remarkably, GWM accounts for one out of every two pickup truck sales in China.



GWM officially launched GWM brand to the Thai market and greet Thai people . The event is consisted of GWM’s announcement of three core business strategies: 1) XEV leader brand; 2) Consumer voice focus; and 3) New user experience. To mark its inroads into Thailand, GWM aims to create a new consumer experience in multiple dimensions and support the rise of Thailand as the EV industry leader in ASEAN.


GWM has announced the official brand launch in Malaysia, with the ‘Go With Malaysia’ concept. A subsidiary has been registered and established to further expand the business in ASEAN following the 4+4 strategy, of which Thailand is the hub as well as location for the company’s headquarters in the region.


GWM officially signed a cooperation agreement with Cycle & Carriage Group (C&C) to introduce its intelligent NEV brand – Ora, into Singapore market within this year in 2023. Today’s partnership will enable GWM a quick network coverage in Singapore, demonstrating the shared vision to drive sustainability of local society & the transition of intellectualization & green energy of auto industry.


GWM joined hands with LUXURIANT AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, one of the leading car dealer groups in the Philippines, announcing the official brand launch with the theme of "Generation Next". Witnessed by more than 700 media, guests, partners, and fans at the scene, GWM Its Haval H6 HEV, Haval JOLION, and GWM Cannon were officially launched in the Philippines amidst much attention, marking the start of a new era of automobile journey in the Philippines.

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