Engine Decarbonisation​

Want to improve engine performance, extend engine life, and prevent premature wear? Carbon buildup in your engine could be hindering its efficiency. Now you can thoroughly clean your engine inside and out to restore it to peak performance.

Our Engine Decarbonisation package utilises specialised active solvent to effectively remove contamination and stubborn deposits, including oil, resin and more. This ensures the operability of all moving parts and increases the operational reliability of your engine.

Regular engine maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle in top condition. Don’t wait till it’s too late – invest in our Engine Decarbonisation package for just $138 and give your car the TLC it deserves. Book an appointment for Engine Decarbonisation and experience the difference today!


  • Removes deposits and contaminations such as oil, varnish, and carbon from intake tracks​
  • Optimises engine performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prevents costly repairs
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