Mitsubishi Online Deal

The New Eclipse Cross (Classic)




Secure your reservation with a refundable $500 deposit, payable by Mastercard or Visa.

* Price quoted with

  • Category A : Maximum financing of 70% of list price,
  • Category B : Maximum financing of 60% of list price,
  • minimum financing of $50,000 or 50% of list price (whichever is higher),
  • loan quantum of 7 years with authorised in-house partner(s) together,
  • an insurance package taken up with our authorised in-house insurance partner (AIG), and
  • used car trade in with our authorised in-house used car partner (Republic Auto).

CAT A COE rebate level is at $77,000
CAT B COE rebate level is at $95,000


Terms & Conditions:
- Detailed price package will be disclosed upon contact with sales consultant
- The management reserves the right to change the terms or amend the package at any time

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