Puri.Care Disinfecting Package

Eliminate microorganisms or germs, including COVID-19 virus in your car to ensure a comfortable and healthy ride

Keeping your car's interior clean from microorganisms or germs is vital to ensure a comfortable and healthy ride during your regular commute for you and your loved ones.

Eliminate these germs in your car with Puri.Care Disinfecting Package. It is specially formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide, an environment friendly active substance commonly used as an antiseptic. The active substance is stabilized and boosted with nano silver in a complex manufacturing process to achieve effectiveness in removing and preventing further growth of microorganisms.

The Puri.Care Disinfecting Package consist of a 3-step disinfection that includes disinfecting the interior car cabin as well as the aircon system, which is a hidden source of germs growth in a car that is often neglected in car cleaning.

3-step disinfection process

Surfaces like dashboard, control panels, steering wheel, aircon vents, centre console, all car seats, safety belts & door panels are cleaned to remove dust and dirt.
Disinfect the surfaces by applying and wiping it down using Puri.Care Disinfectant to remove germs, including COVID-19 virus.
Using a professional ultrasonic nebulizer to fog the aircon ducts and the interior of the car to effectively disseminate the disinfectant and coat the interior for further protection.

Protect you and your loved ones with Puri.Care Disinfecting Package at an attractive price of $110

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