Maxus Care Service Plan

The 2-year Maxus Care Service Plan is designed to offer you peace of mind with savings in tow. It comes with 4 comprehensive servicing visits for every 6 months or 10,000 km interval, whichever comes first. Using only the latest recommended diagnostic tools and Maxus genuine parts to ensure quality maintenance of your Maxus. This is not only important for a smoother drive, but also to enhance your vehicle’s resale value.


Plus, you’ll get to enjoy additional privileges when you purchase a Maxus Care Service Plan.


This is to reward you with more savings as you drive longer with Maxus at Cycle & Carriage.

Model Fuel Type

2-Yr Care Service Plan Price
(incl. GST)
Usual Price
(incl. GST)

Care Service Plan (20% OFF SMP Price)
4 comprehensive servicing visits (2 x Lubrication, 1x Maintenance and 1 x Major)

G10 Panel Van (AT6 & MT6) (Euro 5)




V80 Panel Van (AMT/MT6) (Euro 5)




V80 Panel Van MT6 (Euro 6)




G10 Panel Van AT6 (Euro 6)




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