Engine Additives

Loud engine noises? Losing the power to accelerate? Increased fuel consumption? Vibrations during idling?

If the above are some of the symptoms you observe, it's time to consider engine additives for your vehicle to get the performance of your engine back to tip-top condition.

Fuel System Cleaner

With increasing environment concerns, engines these days are being downsized. They operate under demanding conditions and coupled with varying standards of fuel available in the market, deposits can form easily on inlet valves and injectors, thus creating adverse effect on the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle. Fuel system cleaner will help remove carbon and gum deposits from fuel injections, ports intake valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers to:

  • Restore lost power and acceleration
  • Prevent engine knocking
  • Keep fuel system clean and improve fuel economy
Engine Flush

The detergent and special solvent in this additive disintegrate and remove sludge and varnish from the engine interior. As a result, it restores your engine performance and will:

  • Reduce engine noise
  • Restore acceleration response
  • Reduce vibration during idling
Engine Oil Treatment

The Engine Oil Treatment is a high-grade additive containing Molybdenum-Dithiocarbamate (MoDTC). It dissolve easily and boasts superior effectiveness against friction throughout the moving parts of the engine. This treatment effectively:

  • Maximises acceleration performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces engine noise
  • Protects engine interior from extraordinary wear and tear
  • Resists against oxidative deterioration
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