Mother of 6 reviews their new family ride

It was love at first sight. Last year, just before COVID hit, a friend saw an advert for the Maxus G10 Executive MPV (9-seater) on social media and showed it to us. At that point in time, my family and I were on the hunt for a 9-seater as I have a family of 6 kids. Space is of the utmost importance to us because as parents, we have to ferry the whole family around, and there aren’t many options available in the market with this particular seating capacity.

We finally bought our Maxus in Feb 2021, having monitored the COE prices since months before, monitoring its fluctuations and more. This MPV doesn’t just suit our needs — it falls within the price point that we’re willing to pay for a vehicle- very reasonably priced for the practicality that it offers! So we’re really satisfied. Additionally, we maintain a fairly active lifestyle, such as going cycling at the beach together, so we need sufficient boot space for our bikes with the seats folded down. Furthermore, we spend our weekends sending the kids for enrichment classes or exploring the outdoors together, so on a whole, getting the Maxus G10 Executive 9-seater MPV enabled us to grow closer as a family through our car rides together. Plus, our helper can now join us on our family outings.

 Features that I particularly like about the car? For a start, the interior is not claustrophobic despite the number of passengers we have, which can be attributed to the height and seating. My children also love that there are captain seats for everyone, and the large 10 inch multimedia touch screen is one of their favourite features of the car. Sometimes, as we’re loading up the back, the kids charge up and down the wide aisles of the MPV, playing games to keep themselves entertained. I will say that I am impressed that we have managed to drive through all the 1.9m car parks. Plus, the Maxus G10 Executive MPV is also quite an easy drive once you get used to it. It is a heavy car, which means we must watch our petrol consumption, but the ride feels like a luxurious airport limousine experience — right down to the curious glances we get from other drivers on the road. I would definitely recommend the Maxus G10 Executive MPV (9-seater) to others, especially if you have many kids and need the number of seats!

Tania Boh, 39, Real Estate Agent & Mother of a family with 6 kids

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