Service Rental Program

Need a car to zip around when you car is being serviced?

Service Rental Program

Our service rental program is specially curated to provide car rentals to Cycle & Carriage customers. Simply rent a car when your own car is in the workshop for any servicing, maintenance or repairs. Our rental packages are customised to coincide with your servicing duration. 


How does it work?

Step 1: Indicate your interest when you book your service appointment.

Step 2: Choose your preferred rental car and make payment via bank transfer/paynow. 

Step 3: Pick up the car after you drop off your car for servicing. 

Step 4: Return the car when your service is done! 

Watch this video to find out how to book a service rental car:



Models Available: 


Contact us:

You can drop us a whatsapp message/email us to book your car today!




Do I have to pay a deposit for the rental?

We do not require a deposit for the rental as you are sending your car in for service at Cycle and Carriage workshop. However, note that the rental does not cover any new damages on the vehicle.


What is the process for renting the car?

We will require your identification documents including your NRIC and Driving license for us to generate a Rental Agreement for you. Once payment had been completed, you may collect your rental vehicle at our service centre when you send in your car for servicing through your Service Advisor. Reservations are not confirmed until full payment had been made.


Do I need to top up the fuel when I return the car?

The vehicle will come with at least half a tank of fuel. For your convenience, there is no need to top it up when you return the car.


What is the insurance coverage?

You will be liable for the damage excess as denoted on your rental agreement - The amount will be up to S$2000 per incident (S$4000 for selected models) if you are 22 years old and above, and possess a valid driving license with at least 2 years driving experience. Otherwise, there will be an additional damage excess of $3500 per incident.


Can my family members drive the car? Any age restrictions?

Anyone who possess a valid driving license can drive the cars. However, note that if you are below 22 years or have less than 2 years driving experience, there will be an additional damage excess payment imposed in the event of any accidents or damage to the vehicle.


Can I extend the leasing duration if my car is not ready for collection due to complication?

Yes, rental extensions are subjected to availability of the vehicle. You will be billed accordingly for any extensions.


What are the modes of payment available?

You may make payment via Bank Transfer, Paynow, or Credit Card. Note that reservations are not confirmed until full payment had been made.


Can I use the vehicle for Private Hire Services?

We are unable to facilitate for any Private Hire Usage through a Service Rental. However, you may contact our Rental Executives for a Private Hire Car Rental.


What happens if I committed a traffic offence? What should I do?

We will redirect the fines or traffic summons to you. Otherwise, you may make payment online through the relevant agency’s webpages.


What's the difference between Service Rental and a normal rental?

A normal rental requires deposit and the fuel will need to be topped up before the vehicle is returned. A service rental does not require deposit and also half a tank of fuel is provided. In addition, we will also time your rental package to coincide with your vehicle’s servicing duration.


To book a Service Rental, Click here and select "Service Rental" under Type of Rental