Updated Gojek Incentives

Important updates with effect from 21 October 2019

Enjoy attractive incentives when you drive Gojek with us!

What you can earn potentially:

Gojek chart

Here’s an elaboration of the various incentives.

Daily Points Payout

Most of the points are allocated to pick up in peak hours, over the weekend and long distance for more than or equal to 15km. So plan and strategize your route smartly!

Daily Points Payout

Hit the tiers below to earn additional incentives daily!

Daily Points Payout_tier

Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs) 

MWEs work as a top-up if your nett fares and other incentives fall below the minimum payout. All you have to do is to complete the stipulated number of points and maintain a minimum of 90% in weekly performance average.


Click to read more: https://www.gojek.com/sg/blog/driver-partner-incentives-gojek-singapore-211019/

GoFleet Incentives 

As a GoFleet driver, these are the additional incentives you are entitled to! Simply hit a tier to earn an extra % of your total gross fares based on your weekly accumulated trips!

GoFleet incentives

Click to read more: https://www.gojek.com/sg/blog/gofleet-incentives-update/

GoalBetter Rewards


GoalBetter Rewards (Pilot) is a program designed to provide better earnings stability, better protection, better flexibility and better experience to drivers. Drivers will be entitled to fuel rebates, telco benefits, medical consultations and earnings protection!


Click to read more: https://www.gojek.com/sg/driver/goalbetter/