Other Rentals

Types of Rentals

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Getting started
Besides private-hire car leasing service, we also offer an array of other rental services such as daily rentals or corporate leasing. 
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Daily Rentals

In need of a vehicle to run errands for a day? Or preparing for a trip to Malaysia with your family? We offer a suitable range of vehicles to fit your requirements. 

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Long Term Leasing

Worried about being tied down by financial commitments of owning a car? We offer long term comprehensive leasing solutions from 1 year & above at competitive rates. Get a quote from us now!

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Corporate Lease

We provide a range of vehicles from Sedans to SUVs and MPVs for corporate use. Whether it's for your business needs or for management executives, you can count on us to customize a solution. 

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Wedding is an expensive affair and every penny counts. We provide a range of modern cars that will not burst your wedding budget. You’ll definitely find it more practical to rent from us!