Kia launches the new Stonic M-Hybrid in Singapore

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Customers will enjoy an exclusive launch promotion of a $2,000 cash rebate when they book the new Stonic M-Hybrid, valid till 11 July 2021.

The new Kia Stonic M-Hybrid compact SUV is here in Singapore, powered by a new 48V mild hybrid EcoDynamics+ Powertrain. Since its launch in 2019, the Kia Stonic remains the best-selling SUV amongst the extensive range of vehicles offered by Cycle & Carriage Kia.

Outside, newly designed full-LED headlamps and new 16-inch aluminium alloy wheels keep the compact SUV looking stylish. Customers have new ways to customise their Stonic with two new exterior paint colours - Sporty Blue and Perennial Grey.

These are offered as part of nine unique paint finishes. In addition, the new body and roof colours on offer give a wider choice of contrasting combinations, allowing customers to fully express their identity. 

Newly designed full-LED headlamps keep the compact SUV looking stylish

The Stonic M-Hybrid's new turbocharged Smartstream 1.0-litre T-GDi engine replaces the earlier Kappa-generation unit. Paired with a 48V mild hybrid EcoDynamics+ Powertrain and seven-speed double-clutch transmission, the Stonic M-Hybrid is capable of delivering exceptional fuel economy.

This is achieved by seamlessly switching gears and recuperating electric power to maximise efficiency in all driving conditions. Although power output remains unchanged at 118bhp, punchier acceleration is delivered through a 29Nm increase in torque from 171Nm to 200Nm.

The new Smartstream engine features a Drive Mode Select system, allowing drivers to choose between three different drive settings - Eco, Sport and Normal. In Eco mode, the engine is switched off when the driver lifts his foot off the accelerator and lets the car coast.

Depending on the charge level of the 48V Mild Hybrid EcoDynamics+ powertrain, the engine will seamlessly switch on and off, resulting in impressive fuel economy levels of 4.7L/100km.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning detects incoming traffic when reversing out of a parking spot

The Stonic M-Hybrid will be introduced with new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and convenience features for a safer and more satisfying drive.

Notable additions include Blind-spot Collision Warning, which detects vehicles in the vehicle's blind-spot and warns drivers with a warning symbol on the side mirror, and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning, which detects incoming traffic when reversing out of a parking spot.

Customers will enjoy an exclusive launch promotion of a $2,000 cash rebate when they book the new Stonic M-Hybrid on Cycle and Carriage Kia’s official website, valid till 11 July 2021.


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