Paintwork Protection


Even the shiniest and best-kept cars are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. Over time, the glossy coat of your vehicle will lose its lustre and have its wheels stained with brake dust. Our paintwork protection service provides a lasting hydrophobic coating for your vehicle’s paint and headlamps – all to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.


Paint Protection


The Paint Protection Coating provides long lasting hydrophobic coating for paint and headlamps. Its sealant forms a tough, durable, water beading to paintwork. This increases the depth of gloss of your vehicle and enhances the paint’s colour brilliance, while protecting the paint against acid rain and atmospheric pollutants. The perfect solution for busy executives, all that is needed after your vehicle is coated is a regular hand wash and dry to return to its original showroom shine.


Using a high-tech sealant, your vehicle is safely protected through a tough, durable, water beading to paintwork from these atmospheric pollutants:




  • Easy maintenance
  • Effective guard against harsh environmental conditions
  • Durable and hard-wearing see-through layer
  • Hydrophobic layer
  • Prevents oxidation of paintwork and improves chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Protects original showroom shine and enhances paint’s colour brilliance



Wheel Protection


Bare alloy or lacquered rims can quickly become stained with brown brake dust. This dust may be hot and can bake itself into the rim, leaving a brown, corrosion-like stain. Our Wheel Protection is designed to reduce this, and assists with easy cleaning of the wheels. With ambient cured, low surface energy coating, it reduces hot brake dust from sticking onto the rims and provides a permanent and corrosion-resistant finish for alloys. Cleaning is also incredibly simple – dirt falls off with a jet wash.


A layer of liquid coating is applied, effectively protecting your wheels from harmful elements, assisting in easy cleaning of the wheels and reducing the following:




Recommend that you bring your vehicle in once a year for the Total Paint & Wheel Protection service and up to a maximum of 2 years for the Nano Graphene Premium Coating.



Total  Paint & Wheel Protection


The Total Paint & Wheel Protection is the latest Silicon Protection. It forms a long-lasting Nano Polymerisation Coating to keep your paintwork safe through all of Singapore’s temperamental weather.


Car Size   Car Models Total Paint & Wheel Protection 
 Compact  Picanto, Rio  $298
 Medium  Cerato Forte, Forte K3, Koup, Optima K5, Soul, Niro, Stonic, Seltos, Sonet   $328
 Large  Stinger, Carens, Carnival, Sorento, Sportage  $378



Nano Graphene Premium Coating

The Nano Graphene Premium Coating uses the latest coating technology. When compared with the other ceramic or glass coating, it offers better water spots reduction, resistance to acidic chemical, higher durability and glossiness.


Comes with 2 years warranty* on surface bonding.

Click here for the terms & conditions of Nano Graphene Premium Coating warranty.


Car Size Car Models  Nano Graphene Premium Coating 
 Compact  Picanto, Rio  $498
 Medium  Cerato Forte, Forte K3, Koup, Optima K5, Soul, Niro, Stonic, Seltos, Sonet  $538
 Large  Stinger, Carens, Carnival, Sorento, Sportage  $588


Prices shown above include 7% GST and are subject to changes without prior notice.

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