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Service your vehicle with Cycle & Carriage to enjoy the best driving experience possible with an absolute peace of mind. Comprehensive inspections and adjustments are also carried out to guarantee that your Kia is always at its optimal condition.

To ensure your vehicle is always running at its peak condition, service your vehicle at interval of 15,000km / 6 months (whichever comes first) according to the Manufacturer’s guidelines.


  • Lubrication (Service A): 15,000/45,000/75,000/105,000/135,000/165,000/195,000 km
  • Maintenance (Service B): 30,000/60,000/90,000/120,000/150,000/180,000 km


Service Scope

(Service A)
(Service B)
 Brake Fluid** (Recommended at every 45,000Km) Separate order
 Coolant Fluid** (Model Dependent) Separate order
 Reducer Fluid** (Recommended at every 120,000km) Separate order
 Air-Con Cabin Filter   Y
 Brake Fluid (Condition / Level) Y Y
Coolant Fluid (Condition/Level) Y Y
Reducer Y Y
Cooling System & Hoses (Visual Check) Y Y
12V Battery (Condition & Charging Health) Y Y
EV High Voltage Harnesses (Condition & State) Y Y
EV High Voltage Connectors (Condition & State) Y Y
EV Battery Coolant Reservoir* (Condition/Fluid Level) Y Y
EV Management System / High Voltage Battery (Fault Code) Y Y
Electronic System Check using Kia Diagnostic System (KDS) Y Y
All Traction Motor/Reducer Mountings (Cracks/Deformation) Y Y
Steering System & Linkages (Cracks/Deformation) Y Y
Suspension System (Wear/Leaks) Y Y
Wheel Bearings (Condition) Y Y
Drive Axle Boots (Wear/Condition) Y Y
Brake System - Pedal, Hoses & Pipes (Condition/Leaks) Y Y
Front Brake Disc (Condition) Y Y
Rear Brake Disc (Condition) Y Y
Front Brake Pads (Condition/Thickness) [Recommended limit to replace < 4mm] Y Y
Rear Brake Pads/Shoes (Condition/Thickness) [Recommended limit to replace < 4mm] Y Y
Parking Brake (Function) Y Y
Service All Brakes (Clean/Lubricate)   Y
Tyres Condition (Thread Wear) [Recommended limit to replace < 1.6mm] Y Y
Tyres Inflation Pressure (Level) Y Y
Tyre Rotation and Balancing** [ Recommended at every 5,000km ] Y Y
All Vehicle Lighting (Functions) Y Y
All Windows Operation (Function) Y Y
Air Conditioning Operation (Function) Y Y
Seat Belts (Functions/Condition) Y Y
Horn (Functions) Y Y
Windshield Washer & Wiper Operation (Front/Rear*) Y Y
Central Door Lock Operation (Function) Y Y

*If applicable
* * If applicable at Separate Order - Additional charges apply.


Service Menu Price List


At Mileage of: 15K, 45K, 75K, 105K, 135K, 165K, 30K, 60K, 90K, 120K, 150K, 180K
MODEL Service A Service B
Price (incl. 8% GST) Price (incl. 8% GST)
 NiroDE / Niro Plus $89 $279
 Niro SG2 $89 $316
 EV6 $89 $372
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