Pre-Holiday Inspection

Ensure that your car is in good condition with Cycle & Carriage’s Pre-Holiday inspection. Our checks on your car will let you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Nip your car worries in the bud with Cycle & Carriage’s new pre-holiday inspections. Reduce chances of breakdowns and have your car checked by our skilled professionals using state-of-the-art technology, and enjoy a delightful holiday drive with peace of mind.


Functional Checks

1. Brake Test
2. Suspension Test
3. Battery Test
4. Air Con System
5. Diagnostic Check
6. Tyre Pressure & Condition
7. Brake Pads Condition
8. Under Carriage Condition
9. Horn & Indicator Lights
10. Exterior & Interior Lightings
11. Washer/Wiper Condition
12. External Beltings
13. All Fluids Level


Visual Checks for Leakage

1. Transmission
2. Suspension
3. Driveshaft Boot Cover
4. Brake Pipes & Hoses
5. Cooling System


Price (for all car models): $85

Price shown above include 7% GST. Subject to change without prior notice.

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