Test drive a Kia from anywhere in Singapore

22 May 2021

[This article was first published on carbuyer.com.sg]

Cycle & Carriage Kia has a new concierge service that sends cars to potential buyers in Singapore


Concerned about social distancing? Forget about going to the showrooms and get them to come to you instead. Cycle & Carriage (C&C) has launched a concierge test drive service here that lets potential buyers try out Kia cars wherever they want in Singapore.

The service was launched at the end of February, and interested customers can book a test drive at the Cycle & Carriage Kia website a day ahead of time. An appointed sales consultant confirms the details by phone, and the same sales executive then shows up at the appointed address the next day with the requested test drive car. The test drives are available on weekdays, from 10am to 6pm.  

This is not the first time that C&C has introduced new ways to get drivers into their cars. In March 2018, C&C launched its Kia Hands On programme, an online booking platform that allowed potential buyers to take its cars for a drive without a sales executive present.

But this is the first time the company is taking its cars straight to customers. C&C says the test drive car of choice can be delivered to any location in Singapore, but it only offers the service on weekdays.

It appears that the Kia Cerato, the brand’s compact 1.6-litre sedan that costs S$82,999 and up (inclusive of certificate of entitlement), has been the most popular test drive vehicle by far. 

C&C declined to reveal how many people have test driven a new Kia this way, noting that the service is still in its early phase of activation.

The Kia distributor said the concierge test drive program is part of a wider plan to improve the customer experience, and that it will likely become a permanent part of its sales services here.

[Source article: carbuyer.com.sg/test-drive-a-kia-from-anywhere-in-singapore]

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