Ms Ruth Lim

I am an everyday driver looking for a simple car that's not too luxurious and expensive and KIA Cerato K3 SX is just the car I needed - not too loud and not too dull. I was also looking for a salesperson who was sensitive to my needs and Cindy Yap was really helpful in that aspect. She recommended what suits me best and was patient in serving her customer.

I've been driving a Kia Cerato K3 SX model for a month now and it has been a very pleasant drive so far. The car's interior has an elegant continental touch to it - the driver's seat has a two-memory function which auto adjusts itself to the driver's preferred height and distance from the steering wheel whenever one enters the car. Keyless entry, locking and ignition makes it so much more convenient for the driver as there's no need for one to fumble around for the car key whenever one approaches the car. Be it driving to work or running errands, the 'Drive Mode Select' option which provides Eco, Normal and Sport settings helps me arrive at my destination either in a leisurely or an efficient manner. To cap things off, the boot has a great feature - popping open when the driver's hands are full. This is an everyday car, for the everyday driver who wants to get from point A to B with an added tinge of luxury.
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