Mr Vince Chan

When I noticed people started turning around to look at my car when I drove past, I knew I made the right choice. Kia Cerato K3 is simply gorgeous especially when in white, which has got the fusion of sporty and classy looks in her. I love every feature of her!

Being a first timer who has no experience in buying a car, I definitely hoped that my sales consultant would be a professional one who can guide me through the purchase. Gracie was definitely the right person for me. From her first greeting when I walked into the Kia showroom till the moment she hand the car key to me, Gracie had never failed to meet my expectations, or rather excceding them. Gracie was professional enough to address all concerns and questions raised by me and left me with no doubt and total confident in her professionalism. Thanks to her efficient work and prompt actions, the car was handed to me in merely eight days after the booking was done! The waiting time was way shorter than some of my friends who purchased from other brands! A big thumbs up for Gracie and Kia. I wish her every success in her career with Kia ahead. Thank you very much!
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