Mr Charlie Moh

The Kia brand is one of my favourites. I owned a new Kia Rio 1.5 Sport Auto in 2004, and the sporty design and spacious interior suited my lifestyle. It was a beautiful and reliable car. After a few years, I upgraded to the Kia Cerato Variant II 1.6 Auto, and I drove it for 10 years. This July, I replaced it with the Kia Cerato 1.6 K3.

The Kia Cerato 1.6 K3’s facade is especially striking, with Kia’s signature tiger nose grille complementing the stylish headlamps. The car’s muscular body and the coupe-like design gives one a feeling of youth and dynamism, the interior is pleasant, and the engine makes it a smooth and easy drive. It boasts probably one of the roomiest cabins in its class, with ample leg and head room to accommodate five adults with ease. The cabin is also noticeably wider and, with the backseat folded down, a large space is created. I like the dashboard and the door trims, as well as the 7” touchscreen infotainment system, which offers Apple CarPlay connectivity, and navigation features. It provides good connectivity and serves our needs while on the move, especially with the good music that the car’s 6-speaker setup brings. The rear parking sensors are also very user-friendly when reversing during parking.

Overall, it fits well in both the Central Business District as well as the heartland areas. My family members are very happy with this new car and I am proud to meet clients in it. It’s an excellent car with the right price, a stylish design, and a comfortable interior that provides a premium ambience. Most importantly, it’s supported by Cycle & Carriage Singapore’s dedicated staff and comes with a $500 credit and 3 years of free servicing (including labour and engine oil et cetera), plus a 10-year engine warranty – giving me a peace of mind as I enjoy my new Kia Cerato K3.
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