The new Carnival Hybrid

Redefining family travels.

A new era of People Movers.

Striving for a bolder, more majestic look, the latest model features the signature tiger-nose grille and intricate detailing. With high tech elements like unique vertical lamps and a sophisticated starmap DRL graphic, it creates a distinct silhouette.

Individual comfort for every single seat.

Featuring firm, inviting seats, generous headroom, and tasteful materials, the Carnival Hybrid ensures comfort for every passenger. From the seamless sliding of the doors to the customizable seat arrangements, the interior is meticulously designed to enhance the journey for all occupants.

Where first-class is in the 2nd row.

While the Carnival Hybrid boasts ample space, its second-row VIP lounge seats, part of the 7-seat setup, offer perhaps the most opulent rear-passenger experience on today's roads. Upholstered in sumptuous, top-tier materials and treated to executive-class amenities, these seats also include heating and ventilation for added comfort.

Stay connected with the road and world around you.

The panoramic instrument display organizes driver information into a wide, clear horizontal band. The intuitively laid out touchscreen allows you to quickly navigate between data, settings, or entertainment choices. Climate controls double as entertainment controls, and the vehicle’s forward and reverse controls are at your fingertips just behind the steering wheel.

Comfort at your fingertips.

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle designed for your utmost comfort and control. With ergo-motion seats that adjust seamlessly to your posture and preferences, every drive becomes a personalized experience. Intuitive controls allow you to fine-tune your seating position and settings effortlessly, ensuring optimal support and relaxation.

Narrative of security, written with all in mind.

With a keen eye on safety, Kia stands ready to protect both passengers and pedestrians alike. Harnessing a suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Kia's technology anticipates potential hazards, ensuring you stay vigilant, secure, and confidently in control throughout your journey.

Sometimes the best destination is the journey itself.

Embark on group adventures with ease. Leveraging decades of technological expertise, the Carnival Hybrid enhances the ride for all, accommodating those who require assistance, energetic children, and individuals seeking relaxation. In a world of unity, the Carnival Hybrid stands as a vehicle for inclusivity.

Warranty & Maintenance

All Kia cars are under our warranty coverage.


Variant Comparisons

Premium Relaxation 2nd Row Seats with Leg Rest

With a first-class experience featuring the optimal resting posture, you can feel less fatigue by distributing the weight concentrated in the hip/waist.

2nd Row Foldable Seats

The foldable seats in the second row offer great versatility, providing additional comfort and practicality for passengers. The middle seat can be folded down to serve as an armrest or even a convenient cup holder.

1st and 2nd Row Heated and Ventilated Seats

Enjoy cool comfort with our ventilated seats, which circulate refreshing cold air through both the front and second-row seating. Stay relaxed and refreshed whether you are commuting or on a road trip.

Bose Speakers

Experience the thrill of your drive as you immerse yourself in expansive, high-quality sound, where each speaker is meticulously crafted for exceptional performance and clarity.

Surround View Monitor (SVM)

When manoeuvring in confined spaces, multiple cameras give you a zoomable, 360° overhead view around the vehicle, so you can steer and park with confidence. There is no need to exit the vehicle to check clearances or ask others for help.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA 2.0)

FCA 2.0 monitors your surroundings and warns you if it detects a risk of collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist ahead. If the risk persists, FCA 2 automatically assists with emergency braking. FCA also assists with emergency braking if it senses a risk of collision with oncoming vehicles while turning left at an intersection, or with vehicles approaching from left or right. During changing lanes, automatic avoidance steering assistance is activated if there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle in the next lane, a cyclist or pedestrian in the intended path, or an approaching rear-side vehicle.

Starting from
Starting from
  • 14.4km/lFuel Consumption
  • 158g/kmCO2 Emission
  • Gamma II 1.6 Turbo HybridEngine Type
Available in these colours.
  • 14.4km/lFuel Consumption
  • 158g/kmCO2 Emission
  • Gamma II 1.6 Turbo HybridEngine Type
Available in these colours.
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