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Over time, your car engine’s injection system will accumulate dirt and soot and require the use of additives in order to remove them. This is increasingly prevalent with current environmental concerns and varying standards of fuel available on the market. If left uncleaned, it can create an adverse effect on the performance, fuel economy and the drivability of the vehicle.

Keep your DS engine in tip-top condition with the fuel system cleaner to remove carbon and gum deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves (for indirect injection engine), spark plugs and combustion chambers.

You will enjoy these advantages:

  • Optimised engine performance and fuel consumption
  • Compliance with the most stringent green environmental policies

Treat your engine with our recommended additives twice a year and/or at every 10,000 km. As a result, your injectors will be clean and black smoke will be drastically reduced.

I. Fuel System Cleaner – For Petrol Engine Vehicles

Price: $26


  • Keep fuel system clean and improve fuel economy.
  • Reduce engine knocking
  • Restore lost power and acceleration


II. Preventive Additive – For Diesel Engine Vehicles

Price: $28


  • Delay the appearance of pollutant emissions.
  • Lubricate and prolong life of injection system
  • Maintain engine performance such as responsiveness, acceleration and power
  • Reduce the formation of deposits in diesel supply system
  • Reduce fuel consumption


III. Curative Additive – For Diesel Engine Vehicles When Soot Occurs

Price: $63


  • Lubricate and prolong life of injection system
  • Minimise deposit in the fuel system
  • Reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions
  • Restore engine performance


Prices above include 7% GST. Subject to change without prior notice.

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