Top 3 luxuries we missed amidst social distancing

It’s been a rollercoaster year with social activities temporarily taking a backseat as we try to be more socially responsible. Now that restrictions have eased, we look back at some of the luxuries we never knew we would miss.

As we navigate life post-pandemic where social gatherings must be kept to a minimum and dining out comes with restrictions, there are several activities we certainly miss. What used to be simple pleasures can now be considered luxuries since they are few and far between these days. We list three things we are eager to experience in their full glory again and suggest some ways to recreate them safely.

Coffee dates with friends at your favourite café
Remember our carefree café hopping days? The only thing we worried about back then was securing a reservation for big groups and getting there before popular menu items run out. These days, it takes careful planning as food and beverage establishments are not operating at full capacity yet amidst social distancing measures. It may be some time before we can spend afternoons sipping our cuppa at our favourite coffee joints in big social groups again.

If you want to have your daily fix but still maintain a safe distance for safety reasons, you can always drive out and get your coffee on-the-go. Some cafés even accept advance orders so you can order ahead and then swing by pick your order up. We know how precious your brews are and with the DS 7, you won’t have to worry about any spills. Thanks to the DS 7’s active scan suspension, you get a smooth drive each time no matter the road condition. This innovative technology uses a camera placed behind the windscreen that scans the road ahead and predicts bumps in the road to give you a super smooth and reactive drive. Just how smooth is the drive? So smooth that forgetting to put the lid on your coffee tumbler won’t be a problem.

If you’re around the north, pop by Aroma Coffee & Co. at Northpoint City and check out Spreeze, their original milk-based coffee concoction which is a double shot espresso drink that’s naturally flavoured with artisan tea leaves and dried fruits. Or if you’re around town, head to the Esplanade Mall to find a little peace and calm with one of Sanity Coffee Bar’s specialty coffees and teas.

Going to a well-produced musical event
There is nothing like hearing your favourite classical piece brought to life by the orchestra or catching a well-produced musical at the Esplanade. Whether it’s the thumping of the percussions, the soothing and harmonious strings of the violins, the enthralling choreography or the way it’s all brought together by the mastery and skill of the musicians and opera singers, the live music experience is something we’ve always looked forward to when we want to take our music appreciation up a notch.

Miss the captivating, uplifting and relaxing live music experience? Relive that by turning up the volume in your next drive to work or play. Simply connect your smartphone to the DS 7’s 12-inch central high definition touchscreen via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, launch the Spotify app and play your favourite tunes while on the road. There’s nothing like listening to Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ to help you get pumped for the day ahead. Even your friends at the backseat can get in on the musical experience in comfort as the DS 7’s rear passenger seats can recline from 23 to 32 degrees — all round enjoyment for everyone! Need a little inspiration? Start your day on the right note with this Best of Broadway playlist on Spotify which features all-time favourites and other Broadway classics.

Going for a therapeutic spa and massage
Since the introduction of physical distancing and staggered working hours, getting an appointment at spas these days can be a challenge as there are less time slots for spa appointments up for grabs. While we can be assured that spas are meticulously disinfected regularly, the spa experience has certainly changed since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. For one, facial services are suspended until further notice, and we must always keep our masks on for other services which takes some getting used to especially if you’ve grown accustomed to getting your massages bare-faced.

There is nothing quite like treating yourself to a much-needed me-time, so if you can’t find time for a full spa experience, pamper yourself with quick massages throughout the day to recharge. Simple engage the DS 7’s massage seat function to give yourself a quick kneading. There are five different massage settings to choose from and each come in different intensities. This luxurious function is not just for the driver seat — it’s also available in the passenger seats!

When you finally have time to indulge, why not go for something different and check out Ikeda Spa at Bukit Timah for a day of full relaxation. It’s the only day spa in Singapore that has a Japanese Zen garden where you can take a rejuvenating walk before or after your treatment. For another tranquil spa experience, Aramsa The Garden Spa at Ang Mo Kio is great option if you want to be close to nature.

Car in Focus – DS 7
The DS 7 embodies premium luxury on the road. It’s a mid-size SUV that brings together superb craftmanship and the latest technological innovations. The DS 7’s interior features subtle touches of crystal and chrome, Luxe Rivoli trimmings in Claudia leather upholstery, and a handcrafted B.R.M R180 Timepiece on the dashboard that exude the ultimate premium automotive experience. It also has a central console featuring a dedicated storage compartment for wireless smartphone charging, ambient mood lighting, a 12-inch high definition touchscreen display and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster that allow easy access to all your car’s controls and functions. When it comes to its tech, the DS 7 has an Active Scan Suspension comprising a camera placed behind the windscreen that works with the DS 7’s accelerometer to gauge the Crossback’s ideal speed, steering wheel angle and braking to give you a seamless surface ride. The SUV’s Active LED Vision is not only a mesmerizing light show but a reactive lighting system that tailors its width and range to suit your environment. Safety-wise, the DS 7 has six airbags, Active Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist to make long drives a breeze.

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