7 GIFs that show how luxurious a DS 7 Crossback is

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The DS 7 Crossback is a new breed of French car: luxurious and feature-packed, yet one that needn’t break the bank

The state of luxury is changing. Where once there was an emphasis on the priciest of goods, showings of wealth, and standing out from the masses, changing tastes and incomes in the 21st Century mean that luxury is now increasingly democratised, more about seeking value and self-fulfillment, and with an emphasis on experiences over material items.

When it comes to cars, luxury has traditionally been the domain of the German brands. No doubt they do it well, but it’s almost always at a steep price; and most of that money pays for just the badge on the bonnet, instead of innovative features that actually provide more comfort and convenience.


In line with 21st century trends comes the DS 7 Crossback. It’s a modern SUV that brings luxury beyond the badge – intricate attention to detail, an opulent atmosphere, generous space and superlative comfort are the order of the day, without the correspondingly extravagant price tag to match.


Best of all, it’s loaded with plenty of bona-fide luxury car features that you’d normally find only on cars that cost twice as much (or more). 


High-tech gizmos such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist and Active Scan Suspension (cameras scan the road ahead for bumps and the dampers adjust themselves to suit) help ease the stresses of everyday driving, but it’s the following features that’ll really dazzle and impress your friends and family:

Active LED Vision


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but humans are emotional creatures, and ironically, first impressions count a great deal. This is why the DS 7 Crossback makes a strong impression from the moment you walk up to it.

Unlock the DS 7 Crossback and its headlights produce a dazzling light show, the three individual jewel-like LED units in each headlight performing a dance that adds a little sparkle to its eyes.

It’s not all just for show though, as Active LED Vision enhances safety too. Swivelling to light up curves and junctions in town, throwing a further beam on the highway or reducing its intensity in the rain, the system ensures optimal lighting no matter the conditions.

B.R.M. R180 Timepiece


Think “luxury”, and chances are, one of the first things that comes to mind – apart from cars – would be expensive timepieces. Very often, these two go hand in hand, as those who can appreciate the engineering and performance of a nice car would also appreciate the style and craftsmanship of a nice watch.

In the DS 7 Crossback, that integration goes one further, where the timepiece is a part of the car. Made by Parisian luxury horologist BRM, the backlit, made-for-DS analogue clock rises into place on top of the dashboard when the engine is started.

Reclining rear seats


One of the hallmarks of a luxury car is to have an abundance of space. Being able to stretch out and lounge about is a key attribute to comfort, but the DS 7 Crossback goes one further. Its rear seats can recline electrically between 23 and 32 degrees, a feature that only the stateliest of luxury limousines have in common, and which adds another dimension to the rear seating experience.

Massage and ventilated seats


It’s not just the rear passengers that get extra seats though. Not to be outdone, the DS 7 Crossback’s front seats also have a trick under their watchstrap-like Nappa leather upholstery. 

For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, both the driver and front passenger can select one of five different massage functions to soothe away the strains of a long drive or a tough day at the office. And for those times where it’s the weather getting you down, the seats are also heated and ventilated, so you’ll never be too hot or too cold, but just right.

Instrument cluster


If knowledge is power, then DS 7 Crossback drivers must be amongst the strongest on the road. That’s because the car’s 12-inch digital instrument cluster has six different display modes to choose from, each providing a wealth of information at the driver’s fingertips and with their own mesmerising designs.

Handsfree electric tailgate


What to do when you return to your car with armfuls of shopping, sports gear, or bulky items, with not a free hand to open a door or boot? The super-wealthy could simply get their butler to carry everything for them, but drivers of the DS 7 Crossback have something nearly as effective: a handsfree electric tailgate.

Simply wave a foot under the rear bumper and the tailgate opens and closes all by itself – no need to mess with buttons or handles while trying to balance your heavy load.

Wireless charging


As much as luxury has traditionally been about plushness and opulence, these days digital technology is increasingly factoring into the mix as well. A lot of modern smartphones are capable of wireless charging, something the DS 7 Crossback allows you to take advantage of.

Simply plop your phone onto the wireless charging pad in the centre console, and you’ll have a secure location for your phone to sit as it charges while you drive along. No distracting cables snaking around the dashboard, and no worries about it flying off if your driving gets too enthusiastic.

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