The DS 7 Crossback redefines the luxury car

22 Oct 2021

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Not all luxury cars are created equal, and the DS 7 Crossback truly redefines what a luxury car should be


When you mention ‘luxury car’, most people have a vision of a large sedan, usually German. But what does luxury really mean? The DS 7 Crossback is here to reexamine the definition of the luxury car, with its stunning style, well-appointed interior, and practical and high tech features, all available at a price point that’s far more accessible than a ‘traditional’ luxury car.

The experience begins the moment you step inside, and push the button on the centre console to start the car up. Once you do that, a BRM-branded timepiece unfolds, just above the start-stop button.

The crystal controls in the car further evoke French artistry across the board, and it’s little luxury touches like these that gives the DS 7 Crossback a sense of personality unlike any other car.

The rest of the interior features high quality materials, with Rivoli pattern upholstery that can be seen on the door trims and dashboard. The seats are designed for ultimate comfort too, and incorporate a massage function to soothe and relax you on your drive.

The classic interior ambience is paired with modern touches, with digital displays like the 12.3-inch instrument drive panel, and the 12.0-inch high definition touchscreen that’s clear and intuitive to use, displaying all the necessary information at your fingertips. There’s also Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, along with wireless charging, allowing you to stay connected with your smartphone apps easily while on the move.

On the outside, the DS Active LED Vision headlights give the DS 7 Crossback a distinctive and stylish face, with their triple LED lens elements even doing a neat little ‘dance’ when the car is unlocked. But more than just a head-turner, the headlights can also adapt its lighting to the surroundings, and provide the best vision in all circumstances.

Space and practicality is also a major strength of the DS 7 Crossback, with its 555-litre capacity boot offering plenty of space to accommodate everything that your family needs. The electric tailgate also features a hands-full function, where it can be opened and closed simply by moving your foot beneath the rear bumper.

Access to the rear seats are helped by the wide opening doors, and rear passengers can enjoy the same levels of comfort and luxury as those in front. Tri-zone climate controls allow occupants of the rear bench to tailor the temperature to their own comfort, independent of the front. The rear seats can be reclined electrically, a feature not commonly seen on even more expensive luxury cars, further amping up the DS 7 Crossback’s exclusivity factor.

On the road, the DS 7 Crossback delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Its advanced DS Active Scan Suspension uses cameras to scan the road for bumps, and reacts accordingly to adjust the suspension to adapt to the road conditions. The result is a ride quality that is unparalleled in comfort, and offers a truly unique driving experience.

With its DS Connected Pilot system, the DS 7 Crossback brings an added level of comfort and convenience to the driver. It acts as a form of adaptive cruise control, being able to maintain a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front. The system is also able to keep the car centred in its lane, as well as take care of acceleration and deceleration even in heavy traffic situations, ensuring that you’ll have a relaxing and stress-free time behind the wheel.

The DS 7 Crossback combines premium space and luxury for you and your family, a stellar array of technological and safety features that delivers comfort and convenience, and a sense of style that ensures that you’ll turn heads wherever you go. It’s time to reset your thinking, because the DS 7 Crossback truly redefines what a luxury car is.

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