Stay Safe, Stay Home: Citroën Activity Guide

10 Apr 2020

It might have been a few weeks since you’ve started working from home, and especially for those who enjoy their free time outdoors, this stay-at-home routine may start to feel a little stale and stifling, even. To help inject a bit of fun into your new lifestyle, we’ve put together some ideas and activities that you can do alone or with your family, all from the comfort of your home! Let’s do our part to keep everyone safe by practising social distancing and by staying at home!



Staying at home for extended periods of time might make you feel bored and even a little antsy. A good way to unwind is through the art of colouring! This activity isn’t just for the little ones — colouring has been known to offer therapeutic and calming effects, allowing one to take a quick brain break especially after a long day of work. For those with kids, it might be a good way to keep them entertained at home too. Download our printable colouring sheet for you and your family to flex those creative muscles, and share your completed artwork with us by tagging @citroen_sg on Instagram!


Bake some love

Another great way to relax and unwind is through baking. Not only does it give you a chance to learn new recipes, but also provides a steady stream of snacks for when the mid-day snack attack strikes. For starters, why not try to recreate this easy Cereal Bar Recipe, created by our Citroën team.


Jam to Citroen Comfort Playlist

We all know that driving a car usually means putting on a good playlist to make the rides a little more fun. While you might not be taking the Citroën out as often these days, it shouldn’t stop you from jamming to your favourite songs. We’ve put together a comfort playlist for you to enjoy as you relax from the comfort of your own home.



Ever gotten into playing spotting games on long drives? Take this classic indoors, and give it a little Citroën twist: Spot the iconic Chevron! Whether it’s in the form of structures, shadows or everyday household objects, use your imagination and get creative with it! Here’s some inspiration to get you started. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag us at @citroen_sg.


With all that time spent at home, why not take this opportunity to pick up a new language, like French! Not only is it one of the major languages of diplomacy in the world, it’s also the official language of France, the birthplace of Citroën. To get you started, why not learn how to pronounce Citroën?



Miss exploring exhibits and museums? Visit one from the comfort of your couch with Citroën Origins, our very own virtual museum! Take a step back in time and discover our car models dating back to the 1900s, and learn about their interesting history at the same time. You might even end up with a new favourite car model!

Staying home has its merits, as long as you adopt the right mentality. Let’s all do our part to fight the spread of COVID-19 together, and remember — even at a distance, we stay close to you. Citroën With You. Stay safe!

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