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What makes Philip a long-time Citroën fan?

When you’ve got 4 daughters in your family, you’re seriously in need of some space – but there’s nothing the Grand C4 SpaceTourer can’t handle.

"I come from a family of hard workers – I work hard as an Energy Auditor and my four daughters work hard in school. Naturally, when it comes to choosing a car, I need one that works hard to meet my family’s demands as well.

Since I picked up my first Citroën in 1998, they have yet to disappoint me in this aspect. My first three cars were Citroën sedans, which excelled in both in terms of comfort and safety. In fact, the quality of the features available in my previous Citroëns, at such a reasonable price, was truly incomparable to the other cars in the market. You can tell that every detail in your Citroën was thought through and included for your family’s needs; there is nothing too much and nothing too little.

Today, with four studious daughters, I have upgraded to the Grand C4 SpaceTourer – indeed, the features that come with this family-favourite MPV have once again exceeded my expectations. Even my daughters love the spacious and comfortable ride.

In the back seat, you’ll find details that cater to each individual passenger, like the individually foldable seats that add to the spaciousness and versatility of the vehicle, and even Aircraft-style Tray Tables that allow my daughters to continue studying during the journey. There’s no need to worry about their comfort along the way. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Grand C4 SpaceTourer comes with individual cabin lights above these tables and of course, a Superior Suspension System which has gotten even better over the years – no talk of motion sickness in this vehicle!

At the wheel, you’ll find that a big and generous car like this is delightfully easy to manoeuvre. Plus, I found that the 1.2L engine, while incredibly economical, holds as much power as any other better engines. It’s strong, it’s responsive, and it keeps getting better over the years.

I mostly ferry my children to and from school, as well as take my vehicle out to work – which requires me to transport bulky equipment. The boot space is generous enough to handle all of this, though funny enough, I hardly ever require the boot for my grocery runs. The second row itself is already spacious enough to accommodate my loot and still keep my passengers comfortable and carefree.

Without a doubt, I would recommend the Grand C4 SpaceTourer to my family and friends. In fact, many have commented on the holistic design this uniquely comfortable MPV, including all its little details like third-row air blowers (which is disappointingly absent in many other vehicles).

When you’ve got a brand that works hard to design and incorporate features that are sincerely #InspiredByYou and your family, and a team of hard working sales consultants and aftersales staff to match, what more reason do you need to be a long-time fan?"

– Philip Chan

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