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Thomas Discovers Why Parents Love This 7-Seater

When you’ve got a family of 5 on the go, you’ll need a practical, spacious 7-seater like the Grand C4 SpaceTourer to keep you in control of the journey.

“I’m a family man; most times I’m commuting to work in my Grand C4 SpaceTourer, other times I’m taking my family out on grocery runs, new destinations, or even visiting their grandparents at the other end of Singapore. For a family of 5 that spends so much time on the road, Citroën’s Grand C4 SpaceTourer is definitely saving grace for the long journeys around the island.

From the get-go, preliminary research already tells me that this 7-seater MPV is the go-to car for my family. It’s got all the necessary tech and safety features and even more, but what’s impressed us most has got to be the spaciousness and comfort for the family, and its practicality for my wife and I. 

On any regular outing, we’re able to fit 2 strollers and other items into the boot and still get to enjoy a spacious ride. We were surprised to find the versatility of the second and third row seats as well, which are able to collapse completely flat and slide around for us to configure the perfect space for all our belongings.

Interestingly, my wife finds that the middle seat of the Grand C4 SpaceTourer, as compared to our previous cars or even other cars, is remarkably spacious – there really is no need to cramp in with the other 2 passengers since there is so much room. Even with two child seats on either side, there is ample seating in the middle seat!

What has been incredibly useful for my wife and I though, are the thoughtful details of the Grand C4 SpaceTourer. Family-friendly features are littered throughout the car, like Aircraft-style Tray Tables that allow our kids to while their time away colouring en route, Child-watch Safety Mirrors which offer us easy access to monitor what they’re up to at the back, and even second-row Side Blinds to keep out the glare of the sun while the children are asleep in the back. It’s the little details like these that remind us why the Grand C4 SpaceTourer is truly every parent’s favourite 7-seater MPV.

As a whole, this ride comes equipped with commendable suspension for more comfortable and bump-free journeys, greater visibility on the roads thanks to the Zenith windscreen and sliding interior blinds, and of course, unrivalled practicality when it comes to spaciousness and thoughtful little details for the family.

I would definitely recommend the Grand C4 SpaceTourer – in fact, I’ve already recommended it to many of my friends, who are now just as pleased with it as I am!”

– Thomas Liew

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Grand C4 SpaceTourer


The Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a spacious 7-seater MPV that seats your entire family comfortably and it is packed with child-friendly features like the aircraft tray table, retractable sun shades and a wide panoramic windscreen. Experience the award-winning MPV with a test drive and book now to enjoy a Citroën Plus Package, including:

  • 5 years Warranty / 200,000km
  • Exclusive Servicing Plan 
  • Exclusive Accessories Credits
  • Dual-Channel Dashcam
  • Solar Film

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