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Yong Jun Takes on the Versatile 5-Seater SUV

There’s no one quite like Citroën on the market – you really have to experience it for yourself to see why it’s truly unparalleled.

“In 2019, a quirky SUV first caught my eye at the Vivocity Roadshow. Like many others, I gave it a pass at first – but one year on, I haven’t been able to find another full-sized SUV as unique as the Citroën C5 Aircross.

There’s something about the design of the C5 Aircross that screams balance. It’s not too sporty, not too plain, yet not too bulky at the same time; in fact, you can feel the thought behind each design element, especially when you’re inside the vehicle.

From the driver and front passenger seat, there’s no clutter and the focus of the driving experience is really on the journey itself, not in the drive. That said, this seamlessness transcends the front of the car, even to the back seats. I first took the C5 Aircross on a test drive with my parents in the backseat – needless to say, we could all agree on the unparalleled comfort and spaciousness felt in every corner of the car. 

In fact, my wife and I are about to start our own little family. Thanks to the individual seating within the C5 Aircross, as well as the Advanced Comfort Seats and the very generous boot, at least I can be sure that my family will be travelling in comfort even with my travelling gear packed and a child seat secured at the back. What surprised me the most was that middle seat: In most other cars, however spacious, the middle seat is always the dreaded seat. Here, even the middle seat can be a favourite seat.

We already had our sights set on getting an SUV, having searched the market and test driven multiple other brands before the C5 Aircross – we quickly realised that Citroën was the one for us. They take their mantra of being #InspiredbyYou very seriously, and you can tell not just from the car, but from the service experience as well.

Right from the get-go, our sales assistant was quickly able to understand my family’s needs and built great rapport with us. Undeniable comfort and spaciousness aside, Citroën definitely also demonstrates unparalleled care for the drivers. Now that time has passed since my purchase of the C5 Aircross, I can confidently say that the service goes beyond just sales, to pure customer satisfaction. The Aftersales team has been working hard to keep me up-to-date on my C5 Aircross’ status, and I haven’t had any problems with the maintenance thus far.

It goes without saying that I’m an active promoter of Citroën; In fact, I love when family and friends notice how uniquely designed and spacious my C5 Aircross is. I’m often asked if I would recommend it – the answer is definitely yes, on every occasion.”

– Foo Yong Jun

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