The C5 Aircross Thrills Citroën Enthusiast Chong Won

Korean long-time fan of Citroën shares his excitement over the spaciousness, comfort, and power of our comfort-class SUV.


"I've always been a big supporter of Citroën Motorsport, even while I was still residing in Korea. Back home, I used to drive a DS 3 Cabrio because there aren’t many good SUV options in Korea – so naturally, I was really looking forward to owning my first car and SUV in Singapore.

At first glance, the C5 Aircross is remarkably larger than my previous cars. It’s also got a unique design, which is something that my daughter immediately picked up especially while she was getting acquainted with the interiors of our SUV. I remember once purchasing some furniture from Ikea and finding out that the C5 Aircross is not just about extremely comfortable seats, but it was even spacious enough to accommodate our purchases – and more – simply by folding down two rear seats and sliding them around.


Recently, I also took my family on a camping trip to East Coast Park. It was a wonderful trip – but the most wonderful part of the trip was being able to fit everything, all our equipment, gear and baggage, effortlessly into the boot. The journey was also exceptionally comfortable and peaceful; there was barely any vibrations from the bumpy road to our destination, which was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to some of my previous cars back in Korea.

Being in Singapore, I’m still getting used to the roads here so my wife and I were initially pensive about taking on new driving routes. To our peace of mind, the C5 Aircross comes suited with a whole list of safety features and driver aids. I particularly enjoyed the ease of navigation with the seamless connectivity on my infotainment system!


Long story short, I will definitely be recommending my favourite SUV, the C5 Aircross, to friends and family – simply because of the quality and value of this ride. As a continental car, Citroën definitely designs its cars with much better build and quality, and it feels like every aspect is tailored to the needs of my family – all these, at such a competitive price.


My Citroën proved to be a great value for money and it has surely outdone itself, even in terms of power and performance. I love it, but I also love that the Citroën experience as a whole, with full credit to my patient, helpful and extremely informative sales consultant, Raymond. The entire process was seamless and as comfortable as the ride itself!"

– Seo Chong Won

Have you experienced the smooth suspension and comfort of the Citroën experience too? Share your story with us and join Chong Won and friends as a featured testimonial!

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