3 best investments you can make if comfort is your top priority

Achieve first class comfort by investing a bit more on these three items.

Studies show that sitting in the correct posture can help lower the risk of back and neck pain. If you have a desk job, chances are you spend at least 8 hours a day seated. With that much time spent sitting down, you should also make sure you’re comfortable. 

We list three things you should invest on if you’re not the one to compromise on comfort when seated — be it at home, your office, or even while on the road.

1. Sofa
For most households, the main activities tend to gravitate to the common living room. Whether you’re on the couch reading a book, taking a catnap, or binging on your latest Netflix obsession, you’ll need a sofa that can withstand the daily wear and tear.

When investing in a good sofa for your living room, look for one that has a strong and sturdy frame with cushions made from high-density foam. High-density foam can provide better pressure relief as it conforms to your body as you shift sitting positions.

2. Ergonomic office chair
As we recently learned from spending months working from home, having a good ergonomic office chair can make all the difference between having a productive day or a backbreaking one. Opt for an office chair that can support your back and encourage good posture.

A good office chair should be adjustable to cater to the different sitting postures you’ll have throughout the day. On top of that, it should be able to provide proper lumbar support which is crucial in preventing lower back pain. Proper head support is also an important factor as it can relieve stress on your neck. That’s where a high-back office chair comes in handy as it provides full support all the way to the neck — something a regular low-back office chair does not have.

3. Citroën C5 Aircross

If you’re always on the road, the Citroën C5 Aircross gives all passengers superior comfort without compromising on car performance. Thanks to two exclusive Citroën innovations — the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort seats — the C5 Aircross stands out as the most comfortable SUV in its class. It’s an SUV with a strong personality fit for drivers with different needs — it’s the most modular and spacious SUV in its segment with incline-adjustable and folding rear sears that help extend boot capacity from 580 litres to 1,630 litres. It’s also part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme that aims to deliver comfort that sets the brand apart.

Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®
This innovation is the result of the Citroën’s history and experience in motorsport. The brand’s expertise in suspension systems allows for better absorption of uneven surfaces making you feel like you’re on a magic carpet ride even if you’re going through rough or bumpy terrain — you don’t have to worry about spilling your morning cuppa while on the road.

Advanced Comfort seats
The C5 Aircross’ outstanding comfort continues to the SUV’s front seats which have high-density foam that gives the perfect support while seated. It also has an additional 15mm-thick foam to give the seats a softer touch and make it more durable, giving every ride first class comfort.

Brief history of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme
The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme is the brand’s global approach in pursuing excellent comfort in wide range of criteria that includes light, ergonomics and connectivity, and is present at each stage of the brand’s vehicle design process.

Its four key areas are: driving comfort that gives passengers a cocoon-like ride with superior suspension and hydraulic cushions, living comfort to give users generous space and practical storage, function comfort that makes use of intuitive technology to assist with driving, and comfort of mind to give drivers useful information in creating a relaxed interior automobile ambience.

Experience unparalleled comfort on the road. Book a concierge test drive with the C5 Aircross here or text Citroën via WhatsApp at 6470 8172 .   

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