Uniqlo goes all-electric in Singapore with click-and-collect deliveries

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Uniqlo Singapore has partnered with Cycle & Carriage to switch to energy-efficient Citroën ë-Berlingo electric vans to fulfil last-mile deliveries of goods bought online.

From this month, Uniqlo is offering a same-day click-and-collect service allowing customers to place their orders by 12 noon and have their parcel delivered within the same day.

To reduce carbon footprint and other air pollutants, Uniqlo has the Citroen electric vans.

“Making the switch from diesel-run vehicles to electric vehicles for our click-and-collect deliveries has brought us closer to achieving our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent by 2030 (compared with 2019),” said Hwee Lee, senior director, sustainability, at Uniqlo Singapore.

“Besides reducing our environmental footprint end-to-end in the life cycle of apparel we make, there will also be improved logistics efficiency, ensuring that we achieve more with lesser energy and emissions. This is also in alignment with our company’s transition to a business model that promotes both sustainability and business growth.”

Cycle & Carriage is contributing to Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 by accelerating the adoption of electric and green vehicles through collaboration with Uniqlo in Singapore.

Uniqlo goes all-electric in Singapore with click-and-collect deliveries The Citroen e-Berlingo from Cycle & Carriage used by Uniqlo Singapore for its new click-and-collect service.

“As our first fashion retail partner, we are delighted to be part of Uniqlo’s sustainability journey through our fleet of custom Cycle & Carriage Electric Mobility Solutions, which includes turn-key logistics services for pick-up and delivery,” saidDawn Pan, director of multi-franchise operations at Cycle & Carriage.

“Sustainability is increasingly important for business viability and we remain committed to assisting our partners in achieving optimal operational efficiencies and sustainability goals,” he said.

Meanwhile, Uniqlo says it will continue to work with business partners and other stakeholders to use advanced technologies to reduce environmental impact. The company’s goal is to build a sustainable supply chain that helps create a new LifeWear industry, producing more high-quality, long-lasting clothes with timeless appeal.

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[Source article: viable.earth/sustainable-energy-transport/uniqlo-goes-all-electric-in-singapore-with-click-and-collect-deliveries

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