Handy Tips

Handy tips for the best driving experience


An air conditioner on automatic settings will regulate the recirculation flap based on the air temperature and quality sensor in the vehicle. It is strongly advised not to cover the sun sensor located on most vehicle dashboards as this is used to regulate the air conditioner. As different smells circulate within the cabin over a period of time, they may turn foul or unpleasant. This is especially noticeable when you first switch on your air conditioning system after a long period of parking. 

Heavy condensation on the evaporator coils after driving is a common phenomenon in Singapore with our hot and humid weather. It is good practice to air-dry the evaporator coil by switching off your air conditioner a few minutes before you reach home, and switching the circulation flap to external circulation before parking overnight. Doing this will remove any condensation and minimise undesirable foul smells.

Generally around 5% - 10% of the air conditioning refrigerant permeates into the air over a period of time even if there is no visible leakage in the system. As such, it is strongly advised that drivers conduct maintenance check at least once every year or 20,000 km to ensure there are no major leaks in the air conditioning system, and that it is working at maximum efficiency.



Creep groan is a brake system noise usually made up of a string of pulsations, attributed to the slip-stick phenomenon between brake pad and caliper assembly. This noise is created when the vehicle starts inching forward under light brake pressure and is caused when the brake is restraining the torque from automatic transmission. It gets more obvious when you are inching down slope especially at multi-storey car parks.


Squeaky brakes during deceleration could also be due to dust accumulation in your brakes and indicates that they require servicing.

Using pirated/self-recorded CD/DVD/VCDs may result in skipping, jamming or no sound produced, as the discs may not follow certain specifications and/or have disc thickness issues. Its file format is also a contributing factor. To avoid any damage to your disc player which may result in hefty repair fee. It is recommended that you use original discs at all times.


Electronic devices such as in-vehicle DVR and GPS that are installed at Cycle & Carriage are stringently checked and validated to ensure that they are professionally installed and wiretapped with the appropriate equipment, in compliance with the principal requirement.


Owners are strongly advised to refrain from unauthorised installation of accessories, as devices that are not properly installed use direct power source from the vehicle and will adversely affect your battery lifespan. It may also increase the risk of melting the insulators of the wiring harness if the wire thickness does not match the drawing power of the electronic devices. The exposed wiring may potentially produce sparks due to shorting and may even lead to a fire hazard, causing your vehicle warranty validity to be voided.



The difference between the temperature of the external environment and the interior of your headlamp cover may cause slight condensation on your headlamp. However, this is a normal phenomenon and does not indicate a problem with the headlamps. Once they are turned on, the foggy effect will usually disappear in a short while.




It is recommended to replace bulbs in pairs even if only one bulb has blown, so that both will produce the same intensity of light.





It is mandatory that the ABS or ESP unit is calibrated by the authorised dealer. Speedometer and mileage accuracy may be affected if there is a change in rims or tyres that do not comply with factory specifications. This may also alter the vehicle handling quality and dynamics along with an increase in road noise.



Thick car mats increase the risk of unwanted acceleration when the mat is caught on the throttle and reduces the pedal travel of the accelerator, which leads to a lack of power perception. Under certain circumstances, this also renders the speed limiter release switch (applicable for certain models) at the accelerator pedal unreachable. Non-original floor mats that trap dirt and dust tend to retain moisture and may result in an unpleasant odour.



As traffic conditions in Singapore follow right-hand drive regulations, the roads tend to have a higher road crown on the right side of the road to prevent flooding. Under such conditions, it is normal for the vehicle to veer gradually to the left, if the steering wheel is not held firmly. As such, we do not encourage adjusting the wheel alignment specifications to counter this effect, as it may lead to abnormal wear and tear of the tyres.




Drivers are strongly advised to replace the windscreen wipers every year or 20,000 km to ensure effective operation and good visibility when it rains. This is especially so in Singapore where it is hot and humid, as your wiper’s rubber deteriorates quicker when parked outdoors under the heat.


In order for the wipers to operate smoothly, the windscreen surface should be cleaned regularly. The accumulation of dirt and grime or insufficient water on the windscreen during light rain may cause the wipers to judder while in use. Regularly wiping your windscreen and wiper blades with a damp cloth will improve the lifespan of your wiper blades.


In summary, streaks, unwiped zones, fogging, judder and noise are telltale signs of dirty windscreens or worn wiper blades and require replacement.