Handy Tips

Handy tips for low-mileage low-usage cars

Based on the service history of your vehicle and an assessment by our qualified technicians, your vehicle may be classified as low-usage/low-mileage.


Below are some areas that should be checked regularly to ensure its smooth operation.




The battery continues to discharge energy even if the vehicle is not in use. It is important to drive your vehicle for at least 30 minutes once a week, ideally during daytime, to allow the alternator to recharge the battery. Battery recharge processes are less effective when energy-draining functions are used (e.g. radio and headlights). After being parked for prolonged periods, the vehicle may require a jump-start.




In Singapore's humid weather, brake discs are susceptible to surface rust when not frequently used. Consequentially, there may be squeaky noises when engaging the brakes. Regular driving will allow the brake pads to wear away the surface rust on the brake discs.




Ensure that tyres are filled to the recommended air pressure and rotated regularly. Leaving your vehicle in the same position for long periods of time may lead to the formation of flat spots on the parts of tyres in contact with the ground. Flat spots may cause the steering wheel to vibrate, or the vehicle to pull to one side. In severe cases. the tyres will have to be replaced. As such, it is recommended to drive your vehicle regularly to prevent the development of flat spots.