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Expertise of Cycle & Carriage Aftersales Team
30 Mar 2018|3 Mins Read

Cycle & Carriage Singapore has a well-deserved reputation for aftersales excellence, as shown by the numerous awards over the years.

Cycle & Carriage Kia’s Pandan Garden Service Centre, Singapore, is within the top 5% of Kia dealerships globally, in terms of standard application, aftersales process, management, performance and customer satisfaction. This earned us the Global KIA Platinum Prestige Award 2017. Cycle & Carriage Kia also received the Asia Pacific Best Service Staff Retention Award, for retaining the highest number of certified technicians, service advisors and managers and parts executives.

Our Mitsubishi team has also earned its share of regional plaudits. Mitsubishi Corporation recognised us as the second-most contributing distributor in Product Quality Report (PQR) during the 2018 ASEAN Service & Quality Conference. This validates our contribution to PQR matters including the quality of PQR sent, response time, parts return time and more.