Group Structure

Corporate Structure


  • All of the subsidiaries are wholly owned subsidiaries of Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad (“CCB”).
  • Subsidiaries marked with * are currently dormant entities.
  • CCB holds 49% shareholding in Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“MBM”). The Board of Directors of CCB had on 3 December 2018 announced that it had, on 30 November 2018 (“Exercise Date”) received a letter from Daimler AG (“DAG”) exercising their call option over 66,003,000 shares of MBM (“MBM Shares”) currently held by CCB. Pursuant to the exercise of such call option, CCB will be obliged to sell the MBM Shares to DAG (or such persons as DAG may nominate) (“Disposal”) for a consideration of RM66,003,000. Completion of the Disposal will take place 12 months from the Exercise Date. Upon completion, CCB will cease to hold any shares in MBM.